Humanity is a Symbol of Civilized Society!!

Mesay promotion is a private promotional company, legally registered as private promotional company in Sep, 1, 2008 by Addis Ababa city administration Trade and Industrial Development Bureau Registration number 05/1/13/14/01227/00 with a capital of 10,000.00.
Even though, the registration as a private company is almost 9(nine) years the inception and working experience of the owner as well as his team goes back to 2002 GC (1994 EC) as Anti AIDS youth club known as “Behiwot Anti AIDS youth club” that accounts in general for almost 15 years of services that justifies personal and team dedication in particularly and company in general.
Mesay promotion is a private promotional company established to play its role in social activities, with a motto “Humanity is a symbol of civilized society!!’’.