Some Events


on promotion of blood donation, by recruiting renowned persons as good will ambassadors their excellencies Dr Tewolde G/egziabher and Ato Wubshet Workalemahu)  



Promotion of blood donation working with regions and zonal administrations

Afar Regional state,
Benshangul Regional state
Adama Zonal Administration
Bishoftu Zonal Administration
Debrebrhan Zonal Administration
Debresina Zonal Administration
Shewa robit Zonal Administration
Bahrdar city Administration



Community/youth HIV prevention and Reproductive health awareness raising

Addis Ababa HAPCO (HIV AIDS Prevention & Control Office)

African Services Committee,

Redeem the generation,

Addis Ababa Youth Association

Hiwot Ethiopia,

     Tesfa Berhan AIDS Orphanage Association

DKT Ethiopia




Feeding of needy people; Date:1993

Tesfa Berhan AIDS Orphanage Association