1. NGO and Associations ( Community/youth HIV prevention and Reproductive health awareness raising, Feeding of needy people, school material donation, Environmental protection that participates disable, Women empowerment, Recognition of stake holders by NGOs for their contribution, Fund raising )
  2. African Services Committee,
  3. Redeem the generation,
  4. Addis Ababa Youth Association
  5. Hiwot Ethiopia,
  6. Tesfa Berhan AIDS Orphanage Association
  7. Integrated Family Service Organization.
  8. Hope Enterprise
  9. DKT Ethiopia
  10. Ethiopian Red Cross Society
  11. Meseret Humanitarian Organization
  12. Mekdonia
  13. EnatAlem child Aid organization
  14. Muday Charity Organization
  15. Gergesenon
  16. Addis Ababa Youth and Women Association.
  17. Ethiopian Federation for people with disability.
  18. Self Help Africa
  19. Women’s Health Association of Ethiopia
  20. Ethiopian National Disability Action Network
  21. Stand for Vulnerable Organization.


  1. Governmental organization: (HIV prevention, Environmental protection, prepare walk for pregnant women in promoting blood donation, Human rights on women and vulnerable children )
  2. Addis Ababa HAPCO
  3. Federal Ministry of Environmental Protection
  4. Federal Ministry of Health, Blood bank service
  5. Ethiopian Human Right Commission
  6. Educational sectors governmental and private: ( promotion of voluntary service for students and school/college community)  
  7. Central university health college,
  8. Universal health college,
  9. Abyssinia health college,
  10. Misrak TVT,
  11. Kokebe Tsbah comprehensive school.