About Us


to become a model organization for promoting and advocating humanitarian activities.



to actively participate in alleviating and addressing social problems, through humanitarian activities.



  1. Recruit and participate renowned persons to take part on humanitarian activities as a model.

  2. Mobilize the young generations to take part on humanitarian activities.

  3. Conduct social mobilizing walks on different issues.

  4. Prepare or conduct awareness and discussion programs on major social problems.


Responsibility, Solidarity, Cooperation, Loyalty and Concern for society!!

In order to fulfill its company objectives, Mesay promotion as humanitarian and voluntary company has done different activities with 38 (thirty eight) different stake holders. Such as; 9(nine) regional, city and zonal administrations, 4 (four) Governmental Organizations (GO), 20(twenty) Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and 5(five) Educational sectors.

  • Regional city administrations(on promotion of blood donation, by recruiting renowned persons as good will ambassadors their excellencies Dr Tewolde G/egziabher and Ato Wubshet Workalemahu)  
  • Afar Regional state
  • Benshangul Regional state
  • Dire Dawa City Administration
  • Adama Zonal Administration
  • Bishoftu Zonal Administration
  • Debrebrhan Zonal Administration
  • Debresina Zonal Administration
  • Shewa robit Zonal Administration
  • Bahrdar city Administration